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THIS SHOW WILL BE EARLY: 8-10 PM, door between 7 – 8 PM, in the MINK BACKROOM. Door should be $10.00, all for a great cause!

Tim O’brien is a longtime Houston-based music writer (who penned for the Houston Press and just completed a dissertation on Lightnin’ Hopkins), community activist (who has spent years defending historic black neighborhoods and fighting for Fair Trade issues), and immense fan who has befriended countless people. Recently he has been undergoing intense treatment for Stage 4 cancer, which is dire. The system in which he finds himself is, of course, a mess, and getting treatment without health insurance is an immense and life-threatening battle.

Hot Punk City has decided to step in and raise both funds and awareness in regards to his plight, which affects him, his wife, and adorable little girl. A few years ago, Tim raised thousands of dollars for punk icon Alejandro Escovedo by organizing a benefit featuring Joe Ely at the Continental Club. Just last month he did the same for heart surgery patient and punk pioneer Peter Case from the Nerves and Plimsouls at a club in Austin. Now, it’s our time to help him win the good fight.

On Jan. 9th, an array of Houston rock’n’rollers, both past and present, will be featured in a Houston Punk Revue at the Mink. The Texas Biscuit Bombs, the former backing band of Randy Biscuit Turner of the Big Boys, who died due to a lack of proper medical treatment, will be the backing band playing host to the incredible icons who will be hitting the stage. Just like the soul shows of the 1960s, people will rotate on and off, playing a selection of songs that any audience should relish, from tunes like Really Red’s “Prostitution” and “I Refuse to Sing” to the Mydolls “Christmas Day,” Party Owl’s “Party Oi!” and Big Boys’ classics like “Fun Fun Fun.” And that is just the beginning!

A punk garage sale will also happen, featuring hundreds of zines, T-shirts, CDs, albums, and more. All to aid Tim.

Punk is more than music, and talk minus action = 0.

See you soon, up front, singing along with members of these bands:


Party Owls


Born Liars

Really Red

London Girl



and more…


the Mink

3718 Main Street at Alabama
Ensemble/HCC stop on MetroRail



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Left of the Dial 10th Anniversary Party at the Mink in Houston Nov. 27th

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Join us for a FREE party at the Mink (3718 Main St, Houston – (713) 522-9985) in downtown Houston on Nov. 27 to celebrate ten years worth of making music matter! We will be showing old layouts from the magazine, DJing the best punk and indie music around, offering CDs and vinyl for sale, and showing new photographs of contributors and band members from Homopolice, Mydolls, Really Red, Born Liars, Kimonos, and more! The event will run all night in the front bar, so be there, mingle, and be part of the action!

Here’s our website www.leftofthedialmag.com and motto:

Left of the Dial knows that today’s rat packs, indie rock wannabes, and punk-of-the-month bands are tomorrow’s bargain bin dust collectors. They have a shorter shelf life than a corroded alkaline battery. We are interested in the people who make music that transcends genres; in fact, we think genres are boring. It’s people and art that matter. We don’t buy into the cult of the new. FACT: Most magazines are really industry mouthpieces that are full of hype, gloss, and fake careerism. We also know that most zines are little clans that are as faceless and warmed-over as last week’s Spin. It’s time to go beyond the common and expected. LOTD is for those people who still have music on fire inside them. For rockers who are under the spell of books, and for those people who think that music doesn’t belong to elite critics. Wits and raw talent are the message: LOTD is the transmitter. Now, stake your claim. Here’s the new heresy and rebellion.

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Documentary Film on BYO records/Youth Brigade and Rich Cunningham Benefit Oct. 28 at the Mink in downtown Houston!

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LEFT OF THE DIAL is proud to present the new documentary on the iconic LA punk label BYO Records and will be offering archive copies of LOTD Issue #7, featuring a lengthy Shawn Stern article, at the showing. A portion of the proceeds from the show will be donated to the widow of Rich Cunningham of Happy Days Records, who died due to cancer. A record and book sale will also take place before/after the show to raise funds as well.


Oct. 28th, Backroom at the Mink, doors at 7 pm, screening begins at 8 pm, $5.00.

3718 Main St, Houston – (713) 522-9985


By the time the second wave of Los Angeles punk rock began to crest in the early 1980’s, most historians had already closed the book. But things were just starting to get interesting. The music was becoming increasingly harder and faster. Politics became integral to the scene. Police-on-punk violence and massive riots were de rigueur meanwhile, the concept of “D.I.Y.” transformed from a necessity to a battle cry. It was at this time that the Better Youth Organization was born.


Founded by Canadian brothers, Shawn and Mark Stern of the influential L.A. punk band Youth Brigade, the BYO was part political movement and part business venture. Through the BYO, Mark, Shawn and their buddies, teenagers at that time, found a way to organize punks to take positive actions to help sustain their scene and way of life. The ideals upon which the BYO was founded helped countless bands put on shows, put out records, and get their music out to the world. It allowed for the makaing of the landmark punk documentary “Another State of Mind.” It also spawned BYO Records, which remains one of the oldest surviving independent punk rock labels in the world. BYO, Youth Brigade, and the Stern Family are three intertwined entities that comprise an all too often overlooked chapter in the history of punk. This movie is that chapter. Interviews with Ian MacKaye (Fugazi, Minor Threat, founder of Dischord Records), Fat Mike (NOFX, Me First & The Gimme Gimmes, founder of Fat Wreck Chords), Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio), Gary Tovar (found of Goldenvoice Promotions), Brendan Mullen (founder of The Masque Club, author of “Lexicon Devil: The Fast Times and Short Life of Darby Crash and The Germs “, members of The Bouncing Souls, Swingin’ Utters, 7 Seconds, and many others involved in the So Cal Punk Scene.


For more information on this, other, and future events and showings:




During the same session a short film, “Chronicles from the Zero Hour: The Punk Legacy,” will be screened, which is an all-original film co-produced and fully shot by David Ensminger that highlights interviews with members of MDC, Chumbawamba, Strike Anywhere, Lifetime/Paint it Black, The Epoxies, Dag Nasty/Alloy, and contains live footage of TSOL and the Circle Jerks.

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Hot Punk City is Back!

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Thanks to all these tremendously hardworking bands, dedicated fans who even dared to bask in the brutal heat on Friday night (a broken air-conditioner!) , and a club who was 100% committed, we were able to raise $1,000 for Peter Case!


Left of the Dial is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the groundbreaking Hot Pop City series, which took place in 1999-2000 and featured iconic alt pop/post-punk bands like the Rondelles, Red Monkey, and Silver Scooter to performers such as Daniel Johnston and Britt Daniel (Spoon). LOTD is sponsoring Hot Punk City at the Mink, another two night event stretched over the exact same time frame as before: July 31st – Aug. 1st.

Biscuit and Peter Case, Spring 2005, by Ken Hoge

Biscuit and Peter Case, Spring 2005, by Ken Hoge

The shows both honor Randy “Biscuit” Turner of the Big Boys, Cargo Cult, and Biscuit Bombs, who was a 30 year veteran of the Texas punk and outsider art scenes, who died in August 2005, and will raise money for Peter Case, brilliant godfather of power pop and punk (The Nerves and the Plimsouls), who recently underwent open heart surgery. Both Peter and Randy once joined each other on stage to sing a 13th Floor Elevators song! Old school Texas punk pioneers like AK-47 and Mydolls will join new upstarts like O Pioneers! and Guitars, along with the unexpected reunion of grrrl pop punkers London Girl (a 10th year anniversary too!) and friends from afar, like We Moderns from No Idea records in Florida.

In addition, DJ Sonic Reducer and DJ Gina Miller from the Magnetic Four,  Kimonos, and Sugar Hill studio will be spinning old school vinyl and CDs all night!

1980 Flyer!

1980 Plimsouls Flyer!

During the day, 12- 6 p.m. on Saturday, the Mink will also host a Punk Flea Market, a free event featuring vendor tables full of zines, DIY clothes and fashion, art, books, music (of all stripes and formats), posters, etc. Space is limited, so if you wish to be a vendor, please contact leftofthedialmag@hotmail.com. There is no vendor fee, and we welcome anyone working within the punk and DIY umbrella.



At this time, the bills include:

NEWSFLASH UPDATE! Guitars has canceled due to an illness.


$7.00 before 10 pm, $10.00 after 10 pm for 21 and up.

$10.00 before 10 pm, $13.00 after 10 pm for 18-21 yr olds.

We Moderns (from No Idea!)

Diet Cokeheads (from the Carolinas)

O Pioneers!

London Girl (10th anniversary show!)


$10.00 before 10 pm, $12.00 after 10 pm for 21 and up.

$13.00 before 10 pm, $15.00 after 10 pm for 18-21 yr olds.

AK-47 (9 pm) Early start!!

Anarchitex (10 pm)

Mydolls (11 pm)

Hickoids (12 pm)

The Biscuit Bombs (1 pm)

For an overview of Biscuit’s art, see here:


For up-to-the minute information on bands and people, see here:

Peter Case


London Girl:









O Pioneers!




Diet Cokeheads:


We Moderns:


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