Left of the Dial 10th Anniversary Party at the Mink in Houston Nov. 27th

November 13, 2009 at 9:28 pm (Uncategorized)


Join us for a FREE party at the Mink (3718 Main St, Houston – (713) 522-9985) in downtown Houston on Nov. 27 to celebrate ten years worth of making music matter! We will be showing old layouts from the magazine, DJing the best punk and indie music around, offering CDs and vinyl for sale, and showing new photographs of contributors and band members from Homopolice, Mydolls, Really Red, Born Liars, Kimonos, and more! The event will run all night in the front bar, so be there, mingle, and be part of the action!

Here’s our website www.leftofthedialmag.com and motto:

Left of the Dial knows that today’s rat packs, indie rock wannabes, and punk-of-the-month bands are tomorrow’s bargain bin dust collectors. They have a shorter shelf life than a corroded alkaline battery. We are interested in the people who make music that transcends genres; in fact, we think genres are boring. It’s people and art that matter. We don’t buy into the cult of the new. FACT: Most magazines are really industry mouthpieces that are full of hype, gloss, and fake careerism. We also know that most zines are little clans that are as faceless and warmed-over as last week’s Spin. It’s time to go beyond the common and expected. LOTD is for those people who still have music on fire inside them. For rockers who are under the spell of books, and for those people who think that music doesn’t belong to elite critics. Wits and raw talent are the message: LOTD is the transmitter. Now, stake your claim. Here’s the new heresy and rebellion.


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